BloqCloud Benefits

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Focus on building applications vs. managing infrastructure

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Lower total cost of ownership by minimizing specialized in-house blockchain expertise

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Eliminate capacity planning needs for blockchain usage and underlying blockchain node resource demands

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Stay secure with continuous monitoring and quicker, more-informed reactions to 0-day problems and network attacks

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Depend on an actively-managed service with up-to-date patches and security fixes to maintain enterprise grade security

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Enjoy highly-optimized, always-available access to public, open blockchain networks

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Take advantage of rapid time-to-deployment with easy access to blockchain tooling

BloqCloud is transforming blockchain for enterprises, start-ups and everyone in between.
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Everything you need to build on blockchain now.

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Wide Blockchain Network Support

Connectivity to Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), and Ethereum (ETH) blockchains. Coming Soon: Support for Ethereum Classic (ETC), Litecoin (LTC), EOS

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Real-Time Blockchain Information

Up-to-date blockchain information demanded by cryptocurrency exchanges and wallets

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Easy Setup and Integration

Services support existing, commonly-used standards and are accessible via common API interfaces, including Bitcore Insight

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Fair Pricing

Immediate access to many public blockchains — pay-as-you-go for services consumed, via credit card or crypto, with no long-term commitments

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Enterprise Grade Performance, Reliability, and Support

High-performing services built with enterprise-class scaling in mind, with expert-level support even for low volume

BloqCloud Products

Our stream of innovation continually adds to this suite as well as our supported technologies. Check out the Updates section for the latest on what’s new.

01. Insight

Accelerate development with blockchain APIs (REST and WebSocket) for real-time connectivity to popular blockchain networks and access to additional blockchain data services (e.g., indexed blockchain data).

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02. Nodes

Spin up your own private, full-managed cluster of nodes to access popular public blockchain networks.

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Coming Soon: Proof

Timestamp and notarize your data on blockchain networks to provide proof of existence at any point in time.

Coming Soon: Compute

Access decentralized, severless computing across off-chain, remote compute nodes paired with on-chain proof.

Coming Soon: Storage

Access simple, scalable, decentralized data storage across various blockchain data storage protocols.

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