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The BloqCloud Connect service enables users to view real-time activity on the most popular blockchain networks and harness vital blockchain data services (e.g., indexed blockchain data).

Using a set of familiar blockchain APIs, BloqCloud Connect delivers everything developers need to build their applications quickly, no matter what type of application.

Backed by a cluster of synced nodes and continuously indexed data, BloqCloud Connect gives engineers what they need to develop the next generation of blockchain applications without the devOps headaches of procuring, building and maintaining fault-tolerant infrastructure.

Get started in a few simple steps to focus on building your application and leave the infrastructure to us.

BloqCloud Connect users can exercise creativity rather than patience.
Deploying their applications quickly. Reducing Total Cost of Ownership. Eliminating the need for full-node hardware purchases.

With BloqCloud Connect, you receive…

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Wide Blockchain Network Support

Choose the blockchain network that’s best for your project — Bitcoin (BTC) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH) with more networks added soon

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Real-Time Blockchain Information

Ensure that your exchange, wallet, or other blockchain application always uses the most up-to-date data (e.g., address balances)

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Easy Setup and Integration

Move from brainstorm to blockchain quickly — Common APIs (REST & WebSocket), as well as Bitcore Insight, give engineers what they need to start building

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Enterprise Grade Performance, Reliability, and Support

Enjoy the dependability of professionally managed blockchain infrastructure along with expert-level support, even for low-volume engagements

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Essential Security Monitoring

Maintain awareness of suspicious block activity and automatically follow community best practices during network forks

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Volume Discounts

Drive down costs-per-API requests as your blockchain infrastructure needs grow

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